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As most people visiting Christchurch will be aware, our city is a vibrant place of hope, re-growth and ceaseless action to rebuild a better town following the devastation of several major earthquakes which center around the infamous February 2011 Earthquake of 6.3 magnitude, preceded by the September 2010 Earthquake of 7.1.

Following these earthquakes and the multitude of aftershocks and smaller quakes that have followed, welcome tourists and visitors to Christchurch are finding that our city is now home to the brave, the resilient and the survivors. This newly evolved breed of Cantabrians are proving to be positive, welcoming people who have supported one another through the hardest of times. Speaking for most of us, we now see through the material value of buildings and roads to the true value of the safety, care and well being of fellow Cantabrians and all people who visit our area to support this city’s growth. Note - the barriers have now been removed so our central “red zone areas” are open to the public.

If you’re heading to the North or South Island of New Zealand, we welcome you to visit our rapidly changing and adapting city of Christchurch. Come and enjoy the experience of the Re:Start Mall and the ever-growing number of bars, nightclubs and restaurants that have re-opened or newly opened across the city.

Take a wander around our City and see first-hand the changes that have taken place to restore and rebuild a city that is both less, yet much, much more than it ever was or could have been before.


Places to visit in Christchurch

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